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we believe that it is all about love, dreams & energies



SKU 20153
a citrine candle for your abundance and dreams
Scented with eucalyptus & lemon organic essential oils
A candle made of natural soy wax and hand poured in our own workshop here in Mallorca
The synergies of the essential oils and the citrine stones will help you to achieve abundance and follow your dreams .


You can either take out the stones before you use your candle, or you can leave them in. What is important is the if the stone get close to the wicker it can extinguish the flame so always move the stones so this will not happen and also know that the stones can disappear into the melting wax. 

Crystals have different kinds of energy. These energies effect the energy around you and even how you feel!

That is also why all our stones have been clean and cleansed of all old energies before we use them. But it is so important you do the same from time to time in order for them to give and guide you best possible. Just leave them in sea salted water in in the sunlight or during full or new moon. 

When you get a crystal, either as single stone or in one of our products, it is so important that you connect with your stone. Take a minute and just hold it even if it is in a bottle or candle – close your eyes and feel the energy – or just hold a hand over the stone. You might feel a little tingle or kind or a warm feeling… now tell your stone your dreams just by closing your eyes and see the dream and really feel it…

now let the journey begin, trust, believe and let go…

Hand poured in our own workshop in Mallorca Spain
the ceramic bowl is handmade so not two are alike
100% natural & organic product 
160 ml in A Black Premium Box