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    Our world

    Its all about how we use the healing crystals in everything we do

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    Just be and breath

    You crystals will guide you in your right direction....

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    It's all about energy

    Allways carry you crystals where every you go.....

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    Copenhagen to Mallorca
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      Meditation to just sleep

      Our rose quartz and selenite meditation.I AM IN LOVE, BALANCE AND PEACE

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      meditation to just be and breathe

      Our crystal quartz, tourmelin and amethyst meditaion. I AM SAFE, GROUNDED AND PROTECTED.


      MEDITATION to be crystal clear

      Our crystal quartz, selenite and palo santo meditaion. I AM STABLE, FOCUSED AND HAVE CLARITY

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      meditation to manifest a dream

      Our crystal quartz and citrin meditation. I CAN, WILL AND CHOOSE

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