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We are a holistic lifestyle slow-living concept with crystals infused in all we do!




For the longest time, I have spent my life in the fashion industry and loved most of every minute. Enjoyed to the fullest the fast speed, endless deadlines and the forever flow of new collections….
I have lived a lot….. and learned a lot !!!
today my life is a different life with my husband, our 2 sons, 3 dogs and 3 Shetlands ponies. Living a day to day life between our home on the beautiful island Mallorca where we have our head office and Copenhagen. With a love for each day creating and building my brand, concept & community “Love & Stones”
I have learned, and live, with that the greatness in understanding what luxury really is – the way of living a happy healthy life -  and to enjoy to the fullest the power love gives and feels. The help & happiness of meditation and the holistic mindful approach to life in general…. and the energy to all from the beautiful stones that surrounds all I do.


So "Love & Stones" is a brand that is based on what we need in our everyday life's in order to make us live a life we loveand with healing crystal in all we do.

The easiness in the clothe, the lifestyle pieces of peace in a pillow to the skincare that is all about love from nature and crystal stones   

We also wanted the brand to be more catered to the 24 hours of the day (in your morning routine, your work day in what you wear to when you go to sleep)… So that is the reason behind the 3 different product groups….

By that becoming a life style & life choise from the very beginning.. 

 we wanted to do this brand a little different – not only are we a Danish company base here in Mallorca, Spain, and everything is handmade here in our own factory and workshops. We also want to do “how we do” and “how we live” a little different so it all becomes more about the love of life and love of living!! 


Join our journey and a love story
Lone Friis
 Founder & Soul creator