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we believe that it is all about love, dreams & energies



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a crystal quartz way to have your water


drinking your water with crystals will not only infuse your water with pure clean energy to stay hydrated all day, and by that give your body and mind the greatness of the positive energy. While also eliminate any negative energy around you the crystal water will also help you with your confidence, concentration, awareness and give you a feeling of having more energy



our crystal water bottle has the stones directly in contact with the water for the energies to flow better and direct.



when cleaning please separate the stone bottom part from top part. Gently take the stone part out and apart. Clean top and bottom part as normal but for the crystal stone part pls. just rinse in clean water. Dry gently and put back together.


give the world good energy…

It has been known for ever that crystals have healing powers, that they protect from bad energies, and bring peace in body, mind and soul!

It is all about the energy…

Us, the universe – and the stones.

The crystals, and the power they have, are already used everywhere. Fx inside watches, in computer, and iphones. Yes, we use the healing crystals energies, and properties, so much already in modern technology…. Even in medicine!

They work just like a magnet – they attract or give back. It is all about energy and the crystal stones work the same way.



The crystals have the ability to absorb, or remove, certain type energy from your body. Like the magnet the crystal can absorb negative energy from your body.


A crystal push energy into your body, mind & spirit the same way as electricity works (no it is not dangerous)


If your feel, or find, the balance in life or situations is a little off use your crystal to the balance back in place based in its energies

Since crystals can absorb, repel, and transmit energy, wearing a crystal can help balance your energy field throughout the day – a little like taking vitamins… you eat the vitamin and nourish your body for the day – wearing crystals is like the vitamin just on an energetic level!

All our crystals in all we do, is cleaned and cleared of all past energies from the many hands, souls and thoughts that have touched the stones. They are ready for you, your dreams and your peace, power & protection