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we believe that it is all about love, dreams & energies



SKU 180201


a crystal candle for your mind


scented with Frankinscense & orange organic essential oils


the candle is made of soy wax


The synergies of the essential oils and the crystal quartz stones will help you to achieve a feeling of energy and protected against negative energy. Less stressed and anxiety and with a balanced state of mind.


Each stone has been cleaned and cleared of old energies in sea salted water under the Mallorca´n sun, and is now ready for you and your journey of dreams. 


Love is the most important part of your journey…


Before lighting the candle, you either leave the stones in the candle or take them out! When the wax melt, the stones can slide a little, so make sure the stones are not too close the wicker to avoid the flame from getting extinguished. And don’t worry if the stones melt into the wax and drawn, they will still hold the same energy. 

When not used, keep the handmade lid on, to protect the essential oils from evaporating. 

Burning Time Approx 48 Hours
Hand poured in Mallorca, Spain.
100% Natural & organic Product.
290 ml Glass

Love is the most important part of your journey…