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SKU 19613-1

50 cm x 50 cm Egyptian cotton scented pillow and with healing rose quartz stones.

*inner cushion is with small rose quartz tumbled stones

* the inner cushion is also scented with a special blend of different organic essential oils for you to enjoy during your day, when travelling, meditating or sleeping.

*cover is made in Egyptian cotton

*both cover and inner cushion is easy to wash

*size option 70 x70 cm / 50 x 50 cm / 30 x 60 cm

* The style is handmade locally here in Mallorca

* We do all with as much possible sustainability in mind, therefore the delivery is 1-2 weeks since we never have stock and only produce our orders and by that have no waste.

It has been known for ever that crystals have healing power, that they protect from bad energy and bring peace in the body, mind and to our soul

since crystals can absorb, repel, and transmit energy, wearing a crystal can help balance your energy field throughout the day - a little like taking vitamins... you eat the vitamin and nourish your body for the day - wearing crystals is like the vitamin just on an energetic level.


Is a collection of different pillows and eye patches that is scented with a special blended mix of essential oils to heal and relax named “breathe”, and that is a mix of jasmine, bergamot, orange and of cause lavender, and each pillow and eyepatch also have healing rose quartz crystal stones inside for use where you need and what you love. We have made different pillow covers that will be good for meditation, your sleep, in your living room or office. The special scent for this range also comes as a pillow mist.