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we believe that it is all about love, dreams & energies



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Bath soak

2 x 100 g bags 

a crystal dream moon

 bath salt for your body and soul 

Dried orange, rose petals, orange blossom oil, rosemary oil, almond oil

the bath salt is a pure luxury for both body, mind, and soul. The oils together with the active coal and the mallorca´n virgin sea salt in a hot bath will detox your body, give minerals as well as cleanse the skin. The crystal quartz stones will bring a feeling energies of love and dreams as well as peace and healing.


Pour a bag of the soak salt mix into the running water since that will help the sea salt to dissolve faster. You can either have your rose quartz stones in the bath water or next to you close by. Soak in the bath for a least 12 min or as long as you like. Rise and towel your body after the bath and treat your body with body oils.


When in you are in your bath then just close your eyes for a few minutes and breathe.

Hold the stones and believe

Trust the journey for you to receive

The salt we use in our bath soaks is from es´Trenc here in Mallorca. 

We bake the salt with the organic essential oils and let is dry before we put it into the bags with together with the dried organic fruits, flowers and crystal.

Always rinse your stones after the bath.

 Become your dream…..