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we believe that it is all about love, dreams & energies



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 Never stop dreaming!

To dream a dream is one of the most important thing to do for each and every one of us at the moment – it is the dreams that keeps us going….. 

That is also why we have created a very special meditation together with Katharina and have put together this set of crystals and mini mist to be used for that meditation and in general in all you do to create and live the life of your dreams….. 

The citrine crystal for success, happiness and wealth. A crystal quartz known as the most powerful healer of stones on earth and tourmaline for protection against negative energy. 

We have in this set a little mini “Power” mist of essential organic oils to mist gently around you when you do the meditation, in your room, on your pillow at night, the clothe you wear and as a perfume. This is a mist mix of orange that is to lift you up and sooth your mood and the frankincense to make you feel balanced.