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SKU 19270

Asana crystal black satin slip dress

This is the most easy style to wear. Either with a blazer or just as the favourite summer dress

Feel the label and you will find your master stone the crystal quartz stones!

So the stones will help you to manifest your dreams, bring clarity to mind and help you to relax during the day.

 - 100% satin
 -  Fit to size, loose style
 - The length is aprox 120 cm
 - The style is handmade locally here in Mallorca
 -  We do all what we do with as much as possible with sustainability in mind therefore the deliver is 1-2 weeks since we never have stock and only produce on orders and by that have no waste.

It has been known for ever that crystals have healing power, that they protect from bad energy and bring peace in the body, mind and to our soul

We believe that it is all about Love, Dreams & Energies!