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We are a holistic lifestyle slow-living concept with crystals infused in all we do!





With a mindful approach to life







We produce as much as possible locally here in Mallorca.


 That not only support local economy but also gives us the freedom to produce only what is in order. That prevents leftover stock and by that no waste.


 We do all as a “direct to marked” concept based on the easy access to production and with a key mantra in mind and heart  and with a holistic & substainable approach as much as possible.




Is the philosophy of our 100% organic clean skincare line.


Each product is specially blended for your skin & hair to give and to get what you need most for your skin, to be hydrated & glowing, with the powers of the different powers from nature in the essential oils & energies of the crystals.



Power (re-generating):

Frankincense -  revitalize and regenerate ageing skin

Orange – renew skin cells

Sandalwood – dehydrate dry and sensitive skin

Blue tanzy – anti inflammatory

Geranium – balance and firm skin tissue

Rosehip – dehydrate dry skin and help soothing

Palma Rosa – restore the balance of water in the skin

Wheat germs – moisturize and heal dry skin

Almond oil – protect and hydrate

Crystal quartz stones

The master stone


Peace (soothing):

Orange – renew skin cells

Bergamot – rejuvenate, purifying and calms the skin

Lavender – sooths skin irritations

Cardamom – improves skin complexion

Ylang-ylang  - promote a healthy skin

Geranium – balance and firm skin tissue

Patchouli – reduce wrinkles and gives a glowing complexion

Marigold – heal skin issues and is anti-inflammatory

Wheatgerm oil – moisturize and heal dry skin

Rose quartz stones

The stone of love


Alway shake well before use and pls keep your products away from direct sunlight..