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We are a holistic lifestyle slow-living concept with crystals infused in all we do!


Our guided crystal sleep meditation, will help you to relax and unwine before going to sleep, it can be used again and again, when ever you are in need.

The meditations are recorded here i Mallorca in collaboration with our dear friend Katharina Pass who is a passionate certified yoga and meditation instructor, based here in Mallorca.


So close your eyes and enjoy….



 Just hold your stones, or follow what is suggested in the meditation, and let you and your stones connect.

 Left hand

A dream – manifest


Right hand

Letting go – manifest


 Remember from time to time to clear and cleanse your stones. You can do so with clean water and salt. Let them be in the water in the full moon or new moon or you can cleanse them by using burning palo santo wood.


 All our crystals, in all we do, are cleaned and cleared of all past energies from the many hands, souls and thoughts that have touched the stones. They are ready for you, your dreams and your journey to find your peace, power & protection


 Let love be your everyday and stones a part of your everything….