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SKU 19911
Breathe Scented Rose Quartz Eye Patch

Black Satin Silk 

The eye patch cover is made in 100% black satin silk.

The inner cushion is made in cotton with a buck wheat filling inside and scented with our special mix of organic oils such as lavender, jasmine, orange, patchouli and sandalwood.

There is ofcause small tumbled rose quartz stones inside the inner cushion

* The style is handmade locally here in Mallorca

* We do all what we do with as much as possible with sustainability in mind therefore the deliver is 1-2 weeks since we never have stock and only produce on orders and by that have no waste.

For us “to Be & to Breathe” is the basic and also the most important to do and practice in life! So, with that in mind, we have made a little collection for you to use during your mediation, to enjoy during your day and to help to heal & relax and even make your sleep at night amazing. That is also why we have in both pillows and the eye patches a scent mix of lavender & jasmine and with small smooth rose quartz stones inside.